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Grilled Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Top your grilled sweet potatoes with the heartiness of BUSH’S® Country Style Baked Beans, the smokiness of bacon, and th...
Dirty Rice ‘n Beans
Onions, pepper, celery, and spices add flavor and crunch to this easy rice and beans skillet dinner.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Bean and Cheese Soup
Simmered for hours in a slow cooker, this creamy soup is comfort in a bowl.
3 hours or more
Chili Beans Chili
This classic chili with ground beef has lots of celery, chili beans and heat, and it's ready in about an hour.
30 minutes to 1 hour
BUSH’S Cocina Latina® Easy Tacos
These soft tacos are filled with a blend of Latin flavors.
Under 30 minutes
All-American Chili
This classic, comforting meal incorporates all the necessary ingredients for a chili your family will enjoy.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Breakfast Burritos
A different way to start your day. Burritos with fried eggs, bacon and refried beans topped with melted cheese. Ham or sausage may be substituted for the bacon. Serve with salsa on the side.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Corned Beef Hash British Style
This is my husband's favorite meal. I always had a different version of Corned beef hash until I met my Scottish husband who taught me how it was meant to be made. It is a wonderful casserole type dish that is very filling and perfect for cold nights in. Serve with vegetables or crusty French bread.
1 to 3 hours
Fasoulia (Breakfast Kidney Bean Dish)
Get your day going in a different direction with a bowl of these tomatoey kidney beans and some pita bread.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Rise and Shine Burrito
'This is a great burrito. My family likes the Pico de Gallo added in there and of course we like our beans spicy.' Krista, TX - Member of the BUSH’S® Beans Moms and Kids Panel.
Under 30 minutes
Breakfast Egg and Bean Burritos
The Maple Cured Bacon Baked Beans combined with onions and eggs make this a perfect breakfast to start your day.
Under 30 minutes