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Grilled Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Top your grilled sweet potatoes with the heartiness of BUSH’S® Country Style Baked Beans, the smokiness of bacon, and th...
BUSH’S® White Chicken Chili Recipe
Thanks to the slow-simmered flavor of BUSH’S® Great Northern Chili Beans, this savory chili tastes like it’s been cooking all day (but is ready in only 40 minutes).
30 minutes to 1 hour
Sweet Garbanzo Bean Cake
Garbanzo beans are used in place of flour in this sweet orange-scented coffeecake.
1 to 3 hours
It's Chili by George!!
This is a good, standard chili, with lots of ground beef, tomatoes, kidney and pinto beans, and onions. It needs to simmer for 90 minutes on the stove, or can be made in a slow cooker and left to simmer all day.
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1 to 3 hours
Calico Beans with Brown Sugar and Bacon
This hearty melange of beans works just as well at the Thanksgiving feast as it does at a summer barbeque. Using canned beans makes it practical to incorporate the variety of legumes required for the calico effect, and simplifies the preparation.
1 to 3 hours
Five Bean Casserole
Bacon, canned baked beans and seasonings are combined with garbanzo, lima, kidney and butter beans in this sweet and sour casserole.
1 to 3 hours
Sweet and Sour Beans
Four varieties of canned beans are combined with bacon, onion and sweet and sour seasonings in this terrific side dish for any season. Bake in a conventional oven or in a slow cooker.
1 to 3 hours
BUSH’S® Kidney Chili Bean Chili Recipe
Try this tasty chili recipe at your next gathering!
30 minutes to 1 hour
Tortilla and Bean Soup
Boneless, skinless chicken meat is combined with pinto, black, kidney and ranch-style beans in this soup with hominy which calls for packets of taco seasoning and ranch dressing mix.
1 to 3 hours
Ultimate Stuffed Burger
Recipe created for BUSH’S® Baked Beans® by Chris Grove, author of the outdoor cooking blog, “Nibble Me This” (
30 minutes to 1 hour
Seafood Pea-Asta Salad
Crabmeat and blackeye peas join a party of fresh broccoli, bell peppers, tomatoes and green onions. Coat with a savory blend of mayonnaise and Italian-style salad dressing and give a lively toss with cooked pasta. Chill thoroughly and serve.
Under 30 minutes