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Grilled Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Top your grilled sweet potatoes with the heartiness of BUSH’S® Country Style Baked Beans, the smokiness of bacon, and th...
Texas Chili Pie
Wow your guests by serving this Texas-style chili in a cornbread crust.
30 minutes to 1 hour
BUSH’S® Reduced Sodium Three Bean Confetti Salsa
Recipe created for BUSH’S® Beans by Connie Guttersen, PhD, RD, nutrition instructor at the Culinary Institute of America and author of “The New Sonoma Diet” and “The Sonoma Cookbook” Sterling 2011.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Pinto Bean Pie IV
This recipe tastes like pecan pie, but uses pinto beans instead of pecans!
1 to 3 hours
Black Bean And Corn Salad II
A tasty lime dressing, with cayenne and garlic added for kick, make this salad a bit different from the one above. Avocado too. And this salad doesn't need to sit in the frig, it can be served to four hungry people immediately.
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Under 30 minutes
Heather's Cilantro, Black Bean, and Corn Salsa
This lively summer recipe can be served with tortilla chips as an appetizer, or with chicken or fish as a fresh and flavorful side dish. Made with corn, black beans, tomato, onion, pepper, and avocado, this salsa has the most amazing balance of textures in a great presentation.
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Under 30 minutes
BUSH’S® Four-Layer Bean Dip
BUSH'S has already smashed the beans, so this 4-Layer Bean Dip comes together in just minutes.
Under 30 minutes
Chili Mac Casserole
This nicely spiced entree uses several of my family's favorite ingredients, including macaroni, kidney beans, tomatoes and cheese. Just add a green salad for a complete meal. --Marlene Wilson of Rolla, North Dakota
30 minutes to 1 hour
Cobre Valley Casserole
We live in southeastern Arizona, in a part of the state known as Cobre Valley. 'Cobre' is a Spanish word for copper, which is mined here. Variations of this recipe have been enjoyed in this area for many years.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Bean and Honey Burrito Casserole
Here's a great way to feed burritos to a crowd. Layer chicken, veggies, and a creamy honey sauce with tortillas, and bake until bubbly and brown. Serve with shredded lettuce and fresh chopped tomatoes .
1 to 3 hours
Hawaiian Beef Casserole
This casserole with ground beef, kidney beans, and pineapple bakes in a sweetened ketchup sauce for a simple dish sure to be a kid pleaser.
1 to 3 hours