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Grilled Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Top your grilled sweet potatoes with the heartiness of BUSH’S® Country Style Baked Beans, the smokiness of bacon, and th...
South of the Border Chicken Tortilla Bean Casserole
Main Dish Finalist Do More! With the Vegetable With More! Recipe Contest. Easy one dish meal good enough for company.
1 to 3 hours
Lasagna Corn Carne
My grandkids always ask me to make this dish, which is sort of like chili in a pan. I came up with the recipe one day using just ingredients I had on hand. I was an instant hit.--Mary Lou Wills, La Plata, Maryland
1 to 3 hours
Hawaiian Beef Casserole
This casserole with ground beef, kidney beans, and pineapple bakes in a sweetened ketchup sauce for a simple dish sure to be a kid pleaser.
1 to 3 hours
Mexican Venison Skillet
Ground venison, kidney beans, tomatoes, and corn combine with boxed Spanish Rice mix for a quick one-dish meal with a mild Mexican flavor. It is perfect for kids and folks who are picky about deer meat!
30 minutes to 1 hour
Cowboy Skillet Casserole
Zesty meat, beans, and peppers topped with sweet corn bread. A great, fast, family pleaser or potluck dish. Depending on the crowd you're trying to please, you may want to jazz it up: Bulk up the meat mixture with extra veggies, add Cheddar cheese, jalapeno peppers, or chili powder to the cornbread.
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30 minutes to 1 hour
Nacho Pie II
Kids and adults alike will love this quick and easy main course pie. Nacho cheese tortilla chips make a great crust for chili filling that's topped with melted cheese.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Cowboy Casserole
This combination of hamburger, beans, and bacon over biscuits will bring out the cowboy in anyone. It has become a family favorite. It is so easy to make, and we love to make it when we're camping.
Under 30 minutes
Slow Cooker Bean Casserole AKA Sweet Chili
This is a ground beef and pork and bean casserole that my mom used to make. It has a BBQ flavor to it. My kids ask for it twice a week!! Serve with cornbread or brown bread.
1 to 3 hours
Bunkhouse Beans
With sliced hot dogs and several types of beans in the mixture, this hearty dish could be a meal in itself. It was very popular at my son's cowboy theme party. We turned our kitchen peninsula into a 'covered wagon' to serve the buffet.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Mexican-Style Pork Chops
My family's fond of Mexican food, and I love to cook but not clean up. This easy one-pot meal makes everybody happy.--Beverly Short, Gold Beach, Oregon
30 minutes to 1 hour