These cute little bread bowls are a great way to serve soup in the wintertime. I usually serve a hearty potato soup when I have the time to bake them. They freeze for up to 1 month, if desired.
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Reviewed By: LuckyMonika
I've made these three times - with Spicy Corn Chowder, Chunky Potato Soup and the last time with my own Indian creation. Delicious! We always add one or two teaspoons of sugar to dissolve the yeast with because this helps get that nice fluffy rise. It is very plain, but we like it that way since we always eat it with a flavorful soup.
Reviewed By: Manda
I followed the directions exactly and got enough dough to make about 5 - not 8 - bread bowls. The bread itself is extremely plain - even after following another reviewers suggestions to brush the outside with herbs along with the egg wash. I think next time I'll add some wheat flour and herbs right to the bread mix and hope it turns out more flavorful.
Reviewed By: ONIOND
Well, I must be doing it wrong. Flavor was excellent, but my second rise would not get much higher. I did the pan of boiling water in the oven method, but after an hour they weren't going to get any bigger. I baked them up anyway, they look and taste fine. I will try the recipe again and see if I have any better luck (I'm still not always good with yeast!). UPDATE: Yep, I tried the recipe again, followed it exactly, got exactly the same thing. Little round pita breads :(
Reviewed By: CMACRI
Don't let the bread rise too long, or else it'll deflate and get crusty.
Reviewed By: lovestohost
These were very simple to bake and baked nicely. I followed another reviewer's suggestion of baking in oven safe bowls to retain their shape. I also added Italian Seasoning, garlic powder, and crushed red pepper to the dough and I'm glad I did. While I like the texture, I think these would have been incredibly bland w/out the added flavors. This made 8 SMALL bowls for me; if I make them again I will make 4-6 larger bowls instead.
Reviewed By: steph webb
I agree that these bake up a bit flat.. also, I think the serving size is off a bit. As written, each bowl is pretty darn small. I haven't found a better recipe yet, though.
Reviewed By: Betty Crocker
Some things I learned. If you have problems with the bread getting too flat, just let it rise in oven-proof bowls to get the right shape. You can hollow the bread with a grapefruit spoon, and instead of removing a lot of the inside just take a spoon and press bread into the sides of the bowl to make the bowl sturdier to hold soup. Proof your yeast with 1 Tbs of sugar, and if you think white bread is bland, just add a packet of dry ranch dressing. The bread bowls soak up the soup flavor, so I find that I don't need the ranch. However, the bread is too dense for my taste. I'll keep looking for the right bread bowl recipe for me...thanks!
Reviewed By: sappling
Very delicious bread--I love the crispy bottom. I went off one the pictures somebody posted of this recipe, and another person's comments, and modified it a little. I divided the dough into eighths, but I only formed 6 bread bowls. I used the extra for long braids that I arranged around the crown of each bowl. When they were finished baking, I hollowed out the bowls inside the perimeter of the braid; it added a little more depth to the bowls, and they turned out quite lovely.
Reviewed By: AWILL
They were very easy to make and the taste was excellent.
Reviewed By: JLMURDO
I was a little bit nervous because I had never made bread bowls before. When I finished mixing it in my KitchenAid it was a crumby mess, but after kneading it for 10 minutes it was great. I made 6 bowls with it.
Reviewed By: Yachiru
This is the second time I have made these bread bowls, and I am pleased with the results. As per other members' reviews,e I added a tablespoon of sugar, but I also added White Pepper Powder and Dried Oregano to the dough :] makes it delish and smells like pizza dough! Instead of the egg wash, I use milk + garlic oil + oregano + white pepper powder. I'm also thinking of making it a bit cuter by adding little knobs of dough to the top, so it has a handle! :D
Reviewed By: Bakeratheart
This was really good and easy to make. I gave it 4 stars because I added sugar to get the yeast foamy. They are really good with soup or plain.
Reviewed By: Sheba
Simple to make and very good with soup or chili. Has anyone thought of any good ideas for adding a little more flavor?
Reviewed By: Leanne
Beautiful dough, although spread too much while rising and came out rather flat. BTW 8 were the perfect size 6 would have been too large.
Reviewed By: Trisha
I will try these again,I made 8 of them. Next time I will diffently make 6?. Right now they look like large sandwich rolls. I used butter, cornmeal, and cracked pepper. I did use them for chili bowl,[small ones] I just put it in a bowl large enough for more chili to go around bowl.
Reviewed By: love2cook
I added a few teaspoons of sugar to the water and yeast. That helped it rise great both times. I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil. I added some garlic salt to the dough. I did use cornmeal and I agree I think it helped prevent the dough from spreading flat. I used a whole beaten egg as a wash before I put it in the oven. It browned up great. I did cover it during the last 10 minutes. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I would make these again with these changes.
Reviewed By: Kirby
Very good. I needed to make miniature bread bowls and tried two different ways. I tried putting a small amount into muffin tins and I tried just rolling the balls and placing them on a baking sheet. The ones on the baking sheet turned out better, but both methods worked. I made about 24 mini bread bowls with this recipe. Very delicious and everyone loved them. For homemade bread it was that hard to make either!
Reviewed By: CARANICOLE154
Fantastic! After a poor experience with another bread recipe, I was nervous whether I could make this turn out. The only thing I did differently was to sprinkle some Italian seasoning on when I did the egg wash. It was perfect on the first try. No need to look for another bread bowl recipe. Thank you!!!
Reviewed By: jeanine
these turned out really well, although could use a little tweaking. The texture and appearance were perfect. My only issue was lack of flavor. I will mess around with seasoning next time. Also, I made 4 and served with cream of broccoli.
Reviewed By: Tank8131
Very easy, great taste and beautiful finish. Will use this recipe many, many more times.
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