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Good Source of Fiber Recipes (304)
Beans are naturally high in fiber. Get inspired with the BUSH’S® Beans collection of delicious high-fiber recipes.
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Minestrone Soup I
Submitted by: A. Hatton
Lots of fresh vegetables and elbow macaroni in a hearty chicken stock are the stars of this standard minestrone. The recipe calls for only minced garlic, dried parsley, and salt for seasoning -- great when you are using really fresh and flavorful produce
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1 to 3 hours
Pasta e Fagioli I
Rich and savory, a wonderful soup, it can be a meal in itself, serve with garlic toast, its great!
30 minutes to 1 hour
Pasta e Fagioli II
Submitted by: Kathy
Wonderful Italian veggie soup. My parents had it while in Rome and convinced the chef to give them the recipe.
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1 to 3 hours
Tortilla and Bean Soup
Submitted by: Margie C.
Boneless, skinless chicken meat is combined with pinto, black, kidney and ranch-style beans in this soup with hominy which calls for packets of taco seasoning and ranch dressing mix.
1 to 3 hours
Five Bean Casserole
Submitted by: Joan
Bacon, canned baked beans and seasonings are combined with garbanzo, lima, kidney and butter beans in this sweet and sour casserole.
1 to 3 hours
Black Bean And Corn Salad I
Submitted by: Bonnie Moore
Beans, corn, scallions, bell peppers and onions are mixed together and napped with a vinaigrette dressing that has had a few niceties added ...cilantro, pepper, cayenne and cumin. Toss and let sit overnight. Wonderful!
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3 hours or more
Easy Chili
Submitted by: Granny
Onions, flavored with olive oil, garlic and celery are sauteed until tender and translucent. They join the other chili ingredients in a large pot and simmer away for half an hour. Fast, easy and delicious. Makes eight servings.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Chaat - Dahi Batata Puri
Submitted by: Rani
Fragrant and aromatic and delicious, as all Indian cooking seems to be. Spiced yogurt and piquant chutneys add dimension and flavor to this vertical offering of potatoes and garbanzo beans.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Chicken Fiesta Salad
Submitted by: ANGL8277
Fajita seasoning makes this salad feisty. The chicken is rubbed with it before grilling, and the wonderful bean/corn/salsa mixture is cooked in a bit of it as well. Add lots of greens, onions and tomatoes, and you have an amazing salad.
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30 minutes to 1 hour
Baked Beans
Submitted by: Jackie Smith
What a great way to wake up pork and beans. Add a little sweet, a little spice, and a little onion, and then bake it with bacon over the top.
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1 to 3 hours
Old-Fashioned Lemonade
Submitted by: EJRIPPY
Lemons, sugar, water - the drink to make when life gives you lemons!
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Under 30 minutes
Pat's Baked Beans
Submitted by: Kelly
Not your average baked beans! This recipe combines pinto, northern, baked, kidney and garbanzo beans with bacon and onion. Try this for a break from the ordinary.
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1 to 3 hours
Vegan Black Bean Soup
Submitted by: YCHRISTINE
Pureed black beans and tomatoes are combined with vegetable broth to make a nice thick base for this soup, which hosts celery, carrots, onion and corn.
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30 minutes to 1 hour
Chicken Chili Soup
Submitted by: CAROL46
Diced chicken is simmered with tomatoes, kidney beans, corn, bell peppers, chili powder, cayenne and cumin in this easy soup.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Cuban Green Soup
Submitted by: SBEARLY
This is a great recipe from Tampa, where I loved the Cuban restaurants. I had this soup in several restaurants before I found the recipe! Great, hearty winter recipe with navy beans and turnip greens!
30 minutes to 1 hour
Turkey Posole
Submitted by: CAMILLA362
An authentic rural Mexican dish usually prepared with pork, posole is traditionally eaten at New Year's. This version is a great way to unload those turkey leftovers! Garnish with crisp tortilla chips, shredded green cabbage, and a squeeze of lime.
1 to 3 hours
Indian Chickpeas
Submitted by: Mondeep
Garbanzo beans, onions, and spices are simmered together in this typical Northern Indian recipe that is easy to make, and delicious. You will need to go to an Indian grocery to buy the masalas.
30 minutes to 1 hour
Microwave Corn on the Cob
Submitted by: Cheri Weiner
This is a no-nonsense recipe for corn on the cob. Perfect for when you run out of stove or grill space.
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Under 30 minutes
Beer Simmered Beans
Submitted by: SweetBasil
Spicy beans simmered in beer are a great addition to any picnic, pot luck, or barbeque.
Under 30 minutes
Fresh Herb Bean Spread
Submitted by: BUSH’S® Beans
Fresh spices and lime juice add a flavorful twist to this 10-minute dip every guest will rave about. Serve chilled with breadsticks, flatbread, crostini, or fresh vegetables.
Under 30 minutes
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